Holly Ravine Farm and Cowtail Dairy Barn

Cowtail Dairy Barn
Holly Ravine Farm and Cowtail Dairy Barn (Eva Gilmour)

For many years, the Holly Ravine Farm and Cowtail Dairy Barn was a popular destination at the intersection of Springdale and Evesham Roads in Cherry Hill. The dairy barn was a great place to go for ice cream in the summertime. There was also a petting zoo for the kids. The Cowtail Dairy Barn was operated by former Cherry Hill mayor John Gilmour and his wife Eva for more than 50 years. They closed up shop in 1987.

Interior of the Cowtail Dairy Barn at Holly Ravine Farm
Interior of the Cowtail Dairy Barn (Eva Gilmour)

Memories from Facebook:

  • Went there for rootbeer floats.
  • Mint chocolate chip ice cream and pretzel sticks
  • Little paper dish of pretzel sticks on the table to go with your ice cream. Cows in the field to see before and after your visit.
  • The cows, of course!!
  • Went to a birthday party there as a kid. Was it the “kitchen sink” that was huge?
  • I loved that place. Great memories with my family
  • Best place to work!!
  • The one with birds in cages between tables?
  • We also loved Green Valley Farms in Haddonfield.
  • Race horses across the street
  • I remember the real wood paneling on the inside.
  • I waited on Mohammad Ali and his family once. I can still remember how to make a lot of their sundaes, shakes and ice cream sodas.
  • More than 60 years ago my Aunt worked there.
  • Loved it so much!
  • Yes, near Short Hills!
  • The circus sundae with animal crackers and the clown sundae with the upside down cone!
  • I don’t remember it well because I was very young but we had an aunt and uncle in Westmont and we would combine visits with the Cowtail when in the area. Rootbeer Floats!
  • It was owned by relatives i never knew. Found out doing genealogy
  • My brother and cousin taking out the “kitchen sink”
  • I remember going with my Grandparents all the time!
  • Went with our youth group from church. Loved going and having pretzels with ice cream.
  • Ice Cream wasn’t as good as Matlacks
  • Great place. Blueberry ice cream
  • We used to ride our bikes there. Our Girl Scout troop went there. Animals to pet and feed.
  • Went there on my first date. Girlfriends and I would go there often. Love their Sundaes
  • I worked there for several years, met my husband there my first day working, my neighbor was the manager, the mayor of Cherry Hill owned it (Mr. Gilmore). The petting area in the barnyard and the St Bernard named Buster that loved me and would chase me if he saw me arrive for work, he’d slime me.
  • Remember Donkeyote?
  • I remember going there when Brian was little. A pig had just had babies, and when Brian saw them he yelled “come here bacon.”
  • Pretzel sticks and vanilla ice cream after dances at Eastern HS.
  • Dusty road sundaes!

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  1. Went there with my boyfriend (later husband) back in the 50’s. Loved
    the ice cream sundaes – one time we ordered the “Lost Weekend” sundae
    and my brother-I-law ate the entire sundae by himself. Wonderful

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